Saturday, June 20, 2009

Libraries and Those Who Love Them

Recently, Abby (the) Librarian did a great series on what patrons, teachers, and other folks should know about the library. They cover things like how to work with the library if you're a teacher, storytime behavior, and some basic things about How It All Works.

Some, like the following, should be printed out on every library card.
The library is not totally silent. Yes, we want you to do your homework here. Yes, many libraries have quiet areas or silent reading rooms. But what you've got to understand is that the group of chatting teens or giggling three-year-olds have just as much right to be at the library as you do. The library is for everyone and it's no longer always a silent space. If you're looking for a quiet place, I can probably recommend some places that tend to be quieter, but I will defend the teens' right to use the library, too.
Am I right?

If you're a non-librarian but love the library, stop by for some important tips.

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