Saturday, May 15, 2010

Book Review: Chicken Butt! by Erica S. Perl, illustrated by Henry Cole

Book: Chicken Butt!
Author: Erica S. Perl
Illustrator: Henry Cole
Published: 2009
Source: Local Library

You remember that playground classic: "Guess what? Chicken butt!" Erica Perl and Henry Cole capture both the hilarity of this nonsensical joke and all its iterations for the child protagonist. Equally hilarious, especially for adults reading, is the exasperation of the very patient parent who has to listen to all those different chicken body parts, but finally forbids any further recitation. Of course, you know kids. They'll find a way around it.

You guys, I can't wait to read this one aloud. But it's got to be the right class--ideally, a crew of first-graders, who will start giggling by the first joke and be rolling on the floor by the chicken eyebrow. There may be some wetted pants at the end.

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