Monday, November 1, 2010

Reading Roundup: October 2010

By the Numbers
Picture Books: 76 (oh yes! We kept getting stacks of new stuff at work, all shiny and irresistible . . .)
Early Readers: 8

Library: all

Writing: Binky to the Rescue by Ashley Spires
The contrast between the narration and the story that the illustrations tell will tickle many a young funnybone.
Illustration: A Bedtime for Bear, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton, written by Bonny Becker
I love the soft watercolors, the expressive characters, and all the fussiness of Bear's neat little world.
Overall: Finn Throws a Fit! by David Elliott, illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering
What a familiar story to parents of toddlers! Ering's illustrations are both over-the-top and right on the nose. Extra kudos for the realistic end.

Because I Want To Awards
Oh My Gosh, I Can't Wait to Use This in Storytime: The Secret Circus by Johanna Wright
I Think It's Pretty Darn Cute, Last Page Notwithstanding: It's a Book by Lane Smith
Every Teacher Should Get a Copy Upon Graduation: How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills
Yes! Dinosaur is Back!: Dinosaur vs. the Potty by Bob Shea


Happy Birthday Author said...

We Love Finn Throws A Fit! We have checked it our numerous times from our library.

Glad I found your blog on Twitter. Come check out my blog at or @birthdayblog.

Bibliovore said...

I just checked out your blog and I love the concept! Thanks for the link.

Terry Doherty said...

I love the format of your monthly roundup! 76 picture books? Oh, lucky you. Off to find The Secret Circus!

Bibliovore said...

Enjoy it, Terry! I loved it so much.