Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reading Roundup: 2010

By the Numbers
Picture Books: 348
Early Readers: 28

Swapped: 19
Library: 319

Writing: The Daddy Mountain by Jules Feiffer
Selected in August: "Adventure and derring-do with a courageous little girl and her daddy. Perfect."
Illustration: The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
Selected in June: "The dry Serengeti heat seems to blast off the page. I'm from Arizona, people. We know heat. Pinkney got the baked, bleached, and beautiful landscape just right."
It won the Caldecott for a reason, people! But I want you to know that A Bedtime for Bear and Just In Case were very, very close seconds. Argh.
Overall: Mama, is it Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure
Selected in August: "A tender, gorgeous book about mothers, sons, anticipation, and the slow turning of the seasons. I don't usually make award predictions, but I will be very unhappy if this doesn't get some love come January."
Further remarks: Talk about your wailing and your gnashing of teeth. This was almost a five-way tie.

All the reading roundups for 2010.

You guys, what a great year this was! What are your picks for 2010?

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