Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beth Krommes Interview

I ran across this interview a few weeks back with 2009 Caldecottian (and I've just determined that's a very fun word to spell) Beth Krommes. The winning work, The House in the Night, (written by Susan Marie Swanson) was the announcement that elicited the loudest shriek from me on award morning. I luuuuuuurve this book.

Anyhoo, Krommes was apparently gobsmacked to get the award.
''I'm not a big name in the industry and I don't turn out a lot of books,'' she said. ''I work slow. Most illustrators do two books a year. I've done six books in 10 years. . . . It seems too much,'' she said. ''It's intimidating.''
Don't be so modest. But also don't try to speed up. Slow and steady seems to be working really well for you.

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