Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Okay, you guys, I've seen this on every single one of my blogs including Scanner, which I'm not going to link directly because OMG NSFW, but Google it when you're safely at home by all means.

Thoughts? I'll go first.

Love the horned shadow reveal. Love the childlike all caps handwriting, and the way they wrote hope, fear, and adventure. And his wild thing costume is great.

I wonder about the added bits with parents and school. I know you have to do something to turn a 32 page picture book into a 90 minute movie--the wild rumpus is only gonna be good for about ten minutes at the absolute outside.

Max is a bit older than I expected. I always thought of him as being about five or six, but he seems to be closer to 10 or 11. Unless that's supposed to be later on in his life or something.

I don't hate anything yet.

I dread the time when parents will go, "Oh, honey, you don't need to check out the book, we've got the movie at home."

Weigh in!

ETA: Apparently my brain's automatic-playback loveloveloves the music. Gah, brainworm!

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peaceful reader said...

The trailer looks great and I can't wait to see what the heck they have added to stretch out the plot...and I agree the music sounded amazing!
Optimistically speaking, I hope the book goes hand in hand with the movie for parents as in "Wow, what a great movie, let's go back and revisit the book!" Hopefully:)