Monday, April 27, 2009

Jane Yolen on Picture Books and Writing

Jane Yolen recently visited a children's lit class at Mount Holyoke College to talk about picture-book writing. My personal favorite:
"if [picture books] can't be read aloud, if the writing is clunky, to me, that's not a good picture book."
She also skewered some of the class's sentimental favorites in her typical forthright fashion. On Love You Forever:
"I think she drugs his cocoa." That's an interesting take. She meant that through the years, the mother expresses her love for her child only while he sleeps, while he is quiet, while he behaves.
While this title is one that many in the children's lit field love to hate, Yolen isn't just bashing for the fun of it. Her statement is an examination of the text and what it says to children. Click through for her opinions on The Giving Tree and Rainbow Fish.

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