Saturday, June 8, 2013

Book Review: Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Book: Perfect Square
Author: Michael Hall
Illustrator: Michael Hall
Published: 2011
Source: Local Library

A little square is happy in its square-ness. But every day brings new catastrophe. The square makes the best of it, transforming itself into a fountain when it’s cut into strips and poked full of holes, or making itself a river when it is snipped into ribbons. Finally, the day comes when nothing happens to the square at all. And even

After reading this book, I just wanted to do art with the kids the rest of the day. How simple a project is that? Give the kids squares and scissors, and see what happens.

There’s also a discussion hiding in this book about change, and how you can grow out of your own skin, how the things that used to make you perfectly happy can end up being not enough anymore. Even if your kids are too young for that, they’ll enjoy Perfect Square.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Reading Roundup: May 2013

By the Numbers
Picture Books: 16
Early Readers: 1

Library: 16

Writing: When Moon Fell Down by Linda Smith, illustrated by Kathryn Brown
One night, the moon fell out of the sky and met a cow. This dreamy story made me smile.
Illustration: A Cool Drink of Water by Barbara Kerley
The edge-to-edge photographs from all over the world make this a book I would happily cut up and put on my wall in frames. Except not. I would never do such a thing. *shifty eyes*
Overall: Chu's Day by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Adam Rex
Chu, a little panda, spends his day at various locations around town, with his parents anxiously asking whether he's going to sneeze or not. When he finally does, you understand their concern. My favorite part was the little details in the illustrations, like a card catalog in the library that was converted to a mouse computer lab. Awww.

Because I Want To Awards
Biggest Giggles: Vacation's Over!: the return of the dinosaurs by Joe Kulka
There's a tie for my favorite page of this book. Contestant one: dinosaurs shopping for back-to-school stuff. Contestant two: the T-rex that came home to discover that his pet Fluffy had fossilized. How to choose?
Even If Her Name Weren't on the Cover: Giant Dance Party by Betsy Bird, illustrated by Brandon Dorman
Having read Fuse #8's blog for the past mumble mumble years, I could hear her voice loud and clear in this charming tale of a stage-frightened dancer turned teacher (of giants), who then must deal with stage fright in her own students. Too much fun.