Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Sign and Storytime

Over at the ALSC blog, a children's librarian writes about integrating ASL into her baby and toddler storytime.

I don't know much about baby sign, but I do know that I get a lot of requests for books and many of the parents are using it with their children, enough that I've given thought to doing the same thing as this librarian.

Anybody out there using ASL with their own kids or at the library? Care to weigh in?


Jen Robinson said...

I have nothing to contribute, particularly, but I find the whole thing fascinating. Thanks for sharing the link.

Holly Tried It said...

I started teaching my 2.5 year old ASL when she was almost six months old. My whole family loves it. She has had incredible communication skills since she was tiny. By 16 months she knew around 250 signs. She couldn't say anywhere near that many words.

We still use sign language with her now. It's great for clarifying words. "That's a seagull, not an eagle." And for teaching letters and spelling.

I have no idea how many signs she knows now. Maybe 400? I would suggest starting to incorporate ASL.

Bibliovore said...

Thanks for the input, Holly! As I said, I know a lot of moms with young kids who are doing it, but I hadn't met many who'd been doing it long-term. It's great to hear that it has such good long-term effects.

Did you find that your daughter had less communication-related frustration as she was learning spoken English, too? That's one thing I've been wondering about, since so many kids do experience immense frustration because Mom or Dad can't understand what they're trying to say, due to difficulties in pronunciation. But if they have a sign to use, then that would seem to help.