Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama on Books of All Types

I usually don't talk politics on this blog, (although I did participate in Blog the Vote last week) but I had to post this oldish vid of our President-Elect talking about his favorite book as a kid. It's not great quality--the trick seems to be reading the closed captioning instead of trying to follow the audio.

I remember hearing about another speech of Obama's back when I attended ALA in 2005, although I didn't go see it. In it, he spoke passionately about the need for literacy to begin at home.

I think now there's going to be a feeling of possessiveness amongst librarians, as if we discovered him first. Or maybe cuz he so clearly loves and respects books the way we do. Yeah, could be.

(If you're interested in reading his ALA 05 speech, here it is at his now-probably-defunct Senate webpage.)

Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the video.

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