Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book Review: Me Hungry! by Jeremy Tankard

Book: Me Hungry!
Author: Jeremy Tankard
Illustrator: Jeremy Tankard

A little caveboy is hungry, but cavepoppa and cavemomma are both too busy to feed him. So he comes up with the brilliant idea to hunt his supper all by himself. But what could he hunt? Animal after animal proves unsuitable. Is caveboy ever going to get fed?

I loved Tankard's first picture book, Grumpy Bird, and Me Hungry! proves this guy's not a flash in the picture-book pan. From the tongue-in-cheek humor (something tells me a lot of moms are going to get a laugh out of stressed cavemomma with cavebabies hanging off every limb) to the ink-and-digital illustrations to the sudden-but-sweet right turn the story takes at the end, this book has a lot of appeal.

You may get some resistance from grammar stickler parents who object to the improper use of the personal pronoun (is that the right term? Meh) but me, I think that just adds to the fun. I haven't tried this one out at storytime yet, but something tells me it'll be a hit.

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Fourstorymistake said...

Ooh! Looks cute. I'm definitely going to check it out.