Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's the French for Itsy Bitsy Spider?

Jen Robinson pointed me at this one: a website that collects international nursery rhymes. Kind of awesome. If you're sick of This Little Piggy, try this one from Spain:
Here the Bird Laid the Egg
This one found it
This one cracked it
This one put salt on it
And this fat rascal
Gobbled it up!
I will point out, however, that most experts say to talk, read, and sing to your infants and toddlers in the language that you're most comfortable in, so they get a firm grounding before you get them started on any others.

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hello said...

Thanks for your write-up of :o)
When I started my search for rhymes the main people who helped me were librarians around the world. They were by far the most passionate and enthusiastic about sending me beautiful rhymes. If you have any to add I would love to know.
Kind regards,