Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Illustrator's Mind

The book blog Bookie Woogie is one of my favorites for its unique format. Instead of one person blathering on about why they liked or didn't like the book, the reviews are a faithful transcript of a conversation between a father and his kids about the story and illustrations.

And I mean faithful. Anybody who's ever run a storytime will laugh and nod when one (or all) of the kids start to get really silly or enthusiastic over the book of the week.

This week was an extra-special treat, as the book they reviewed was illustrated by none other than Daddy. They also ask him questions about the illustration process, and given that the book is one of those interactable ones, there were some interesting considerations that went into that process.

They're giving away copies of the book (which looks extremely cute) to random commenters, so drop on by and leave a line!

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