Thursday, May 14, 2009

And the Number 1 Picture Book of All Time is . . .

Where the Wild Things Are.

Like it could be any other book.

Betsy's Top 100 has been grand readin' for me over this past month or so. Not content with merely posting a list, she went hunting for tidbits and factoids and literary commentary (not just bloggers making comments, but actual published resources!) on a genre of books that are oftenest dismissed as "kiddie books." Although I knew many of them already, I also added a lot of books to my Blue Journal--books I'd heard of, maybe seen around the library, but never picked up and read. I also learned new things about old favorites, and spent a lot of time going, "Awwww, I remember reading that!"

Betsy, now that you're a published author and all, how about putting this most excellent list in book form? Teachers, librarians, and parents would love you for it. Even if you don't, though, congratulations on a huge accomplishment.

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