Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review: Far Far Away! by John Segal

Book: Far, Far Away!
Author: John Segal
Illustrator: John Segal
Published: 2009
Source: Local Library

After a stressful day at the market, a little pig announces his intention to run away. "Tonight. Forever. You can't stop me." He warns his mother that he's going "far far away from HERE!" His mother helps him plan the various logistics of his journey, including what to pack. When he discovers that he will depart before the chocolate cake is ready, however, the little pig has a change of heart.

Almost every kid has announced their intention to run away, knowing subconsciously that the act of announcing it has prevented it from happening. They'll recognize themselves in the little pig, both through his initial bad mood and his desire to take everything along with him, and be reassured by the very end.

The clean, warm watercolors really shine when portraying the little pig's possible troubles on his journey, but Segal also contrasts mama's serenity with little pig's slowly lifting bad mood to keep the feel purely fantasy.

Written in dialogue format, this would work well as a storytime readaloud, or even a two-man show.

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