Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stack-Buster #5

Little Pig Joins the Band by David Hyde Costello
Little pig is having some trouble. He’s too small to play any of the marching-band instruments that his older brothers and sisters do. What can he bring to it? Only the very special bossiness that the youngest child possesses. With funny side conversations in the illustrations, this charming book will strike a chord with every baby of the family.

Rooster/Gallo by Jorge Lujan, illustrated by Manuel Monroy
In a bilingual poem, a rooster greets the day and watches as it turns to night again. A beautiful piece of poetry, paired with dreamy illustrations, this has a permanent place in my storytime rotation.

One Foot, Two Feet: An Exceptional Counting Book by Peter Maloney, illustrated by Felicia Zekauskas
Let’s face it, you guys, English is confusing. There’s all these words like men and women and children and feet. This book collects several together and combines them with a counting progression. With cut-outs and sweetly quirky details, I predict that this slightly off-the-wall offering will enchant kids.

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