Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book Review: Silly Doggy! by Adam Stower

Book: Silly Doggy!
Author: Adam Stower
Illustrator: Adam Stower
Published: 2012
Source: Local Library

When Lily finds a doggy in her backyard, she immediately adopts it. But mom objects, possibly because the dog is actually a bear, and makes Lily put up “found” posters. To Lily’s sadness, someone (a zookeeper) responds to them, and she’s forced to give her doggy up.

Luckily the next morning she finds something else in her backyard!

Haven’t we all known a kid that will take any animal that comes their way? The entertainment comes from the disconnect between Lily’s view of the world and what we can see on the page, as well as the visual contrast between tiny Lily and the bear that takes over the whole page, tamed only with a loosely tied scarf. For all that, it’s still a sweet story about a girl and her, um, bear.

Pair this with My Cat the Silliest Cat in the World for plentiful mistaken-identity laughs.

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