Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reading Roundup: July 2015

By the Numbers
Picture Books: 16
Early Readers: 1

Library: 17

Writing: Building Our House by Jonathan Bean
A family builds their house together, in the process making it a home. Based on the author's own childhood experience of the same.
Illustration: Henri's Scissors by Jeannette Winter
This story of Henri Matisse creating art right up until the end of his life made me tear up.
Overall: Blue on Blue by Dianne White, illustrated by Beth Krommes
A summer thunderstorm, illuminated by Krommes' woodcuts, makes this a delicious and evocative story for one or a group.

Because I Want To Awards

Here, Have a Little Taxonomy with Your Zoo Animals: Xander's Panda Party by Linda Sue Park, illustrated by Matt Phelan
It's a tough choice, deciding who to invite to your birthday. Should you invite all the mammals? All the invertebrates?  Decisions, decisions.
Some Things Can't Be Tamed: Wild by Emily Hughes
A wild little girl gets brought to civilization, but civilization isn't going to succeed in coming to her. The end is tremendously satisfying.

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