Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Readaloud Campaign - I'm in!

Cybils Literacy Evangelist Jen Robinson is thinking aloud (or on-screen, I guess) about a campaign to encourage parents reading aloud. Do you even have to ask how I feel about this?

We could make a day of it--Read to Your Kids Day. How much would literacy rates in this country be improved if we could reach the parents and convince them that, as their children's first teacher, they can lay the groundwork for literacy from birth on?


Drop by Jen's page to read her (much more coherent) thoughts on the subject.

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Jen Robinson said...

I'm seeing a lot of positive energy on this topic, Maureen. I really do think that we can make a difference, if we could just get the word out, beyond our usual audience (which tends to be people who already think that this is important, right?).